Thursday, October 29, 2009

why cant i be a super hero?

i wish i knew everything and that i could see into the future because its dangerous to just assume things because you will just make things end up the way you see them happening if that made any sense, and if that is true then i seriously dont want that to happen :( why cant i be a superhero?

Sunday, October 25, 2009

nice (Y)

good song but nicks is better

but Joes better

hey joe

For a good time

various other drinks made last night a good fucking night
played buffalo, and had to skull, was easily the drunkest person there
funny conversations with the coolest people ever -" sleepers "
thanks flic ya mad bitch, now was that defiantly your last party this time?
hope not :D

Friday, October 23, 2009

I found it

This was where i got my blog name, saw it on some emo kids Myspace

Puppet master

imagine if you were a being of a higher existence
you had the power in your hands to make or break the world
imagine if you were the

I wish

i was a vulture i could fly above and prey on the weak and dying



Thursday, October 22, 2009



my apology if that is a bit upfront but i seriously hate them for failing me the other week
but ohwell i dont care even if it was the fuckwit P platers fault and not mine because im going again in a week
but seriously the RTA pass/fail really only relies on the mood of the tester
like seriously the ladie tester julie is known to be a nice friendly person, so why is it that i didnt get a single conversation out of her???
no wonder i failed something was stuck up her ass, also the RTA is a rip off when i went for my L's i forked out 100$ seriously it doesn't cost $38 or whatever it is to take a computer test, or $20 for a stupid piece of plastic with your photo on it i know thats only about $60 but i failed the first time so had to pay an extra $38 to press buttons on a computer again i do it for free at home.... stupid!
i think i just dont have first time luck, failed my L's first time passed easy the second.
fingers crossed its the same with my P's I've already failed so next Wednesday must be a cinch :D
cant wait really just want to not be bound by parents having to drive me around everywhere
not being able to go places because i have no way to get there, ill be able to drive myself, i can do what i want when i want!


i would like to congratulate my best mate ruby who passed her L's first go today :D 
well done better then me

like my photo i made?

Joe was here

I think that if the world is to end in 2012 it will be because "joe" sneezed :P


What a fucking good show :)

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Possibly the best year of my life so far!
I've changed so much, i've become more confident with myself, i've lost weight,
i've made some new friends, as well retaining some of the old, i've found someone that truly makes me happy, and i've now made it to year 12 and thats something to tell the kids - even if i don't finish aha ha
cant wait till summer i think things can only get better at the moment :)

still to come:

  • Getting my P's
  • Summer time 
  • Christmas 
  • Parties

Just so you know

This is defiantly how id like to find out :D



Sometimes i look at various objects and wonder if my small mate sam would fit in them, such things as
 V V V

luggage bags


wheelie bins

ahahahah wouldnt you find it funny to go open one of these things and find a small man jump out at you 

Its what i do in my spare time :)

in my spare time i like to go try out the furniture in myer with my mates :)
you would be surprised how much your heart shatters when you try just the right one and you realize theres no way in the world you can afford it...... yet.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

iul atlov

AHAHAH who does this remind you off???

A thousand knifes


the greatest feeling of all

such a feeling that makes your heart feel like its skipped a beat
its one of the greatest feelings in the world in my opinion
you can go through life being attracted to many people but when your in love
theres just something that clicks and everything seems to fall into place
you have this great sense of happiness overcome you
where your on top of the world where no one or no thing can touch you
and even after the feelings disappear you wont forget how it made you feel
its frozen in memories and photographs
if its true youll never forget
Letitia - i love you


so i've decided i don't have much to do when i'm alone and wasting away my life on Myspace
so i have created this blog to get things off my mind and keep me less bored :)
i shall try to make things interesting so that you return to read some more thanks :D Scotty