Thursday, October 22, 2009



my apology if that is a bit upfront but i seriously hate them for failing me the other week
but ohwell i dont care even if it was the fuckwit P platers fault and not mine because im going again in a week
but seriously the RTA pass/fail really only relies on the mood of the tester
like seriously the ladie tester julie is known to be a nice friendly person, so why is it that i didnt get a single conversation out of her???
no wonder i failed something was stuck up her ass, also the RTA is a rip off when i went for my L's i forked out 100$ seriously it doesn't cost $38 or whatever it is to take a computer test, or $20 for a stupid piece of plastic with your photo on it i know thats only about $60 but i failed the first time so had to pay an extra $38 to press buttons on a computer again i do it for free at home.... stupid!
i think i just dont have first time luck, failed my L's first time passed easy the second.
fingers crossed its the same with my P's I've already failed so next Wednesday must be a cinch :D
cant wait really just want to not be bound by parents having to drive me around everywhere
not being able to go places because i have no way to get there, ill be able to drive myself, i can do what i want when i want!


i would like to congratulate my best mate ruby who passed her L's first go today :D 
well done better then me

like my photo i made?

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